Summer Activities

As an alpine village, St Sorlin offers many summer activities with the season dispersed with fetes and celebrations. July offers cycling trials and the Tour de France often passes through the village.

August is the month for the sheep celebrations, fair and village contests as well as the high altitude mountain bike race.

Choose almost any outdoor recreational activity and it is probably available:

  • Walking
  • Tennis
  • Mountain biking
  • Hiking
  • Canyoning

  • Climbing
  • Riding
  • Swimming
  • Paragliding
  • Quad biking

There is a summer programme of activity, which varies over the weeks depending on whether it is the French holiday season or not. We went in August and had a wide choice of activities.

In August there were a number of village fetes and festivals. There is also a market on Saturday mornings in St Jean de Maurianne.

Activities Available for Adults and Children

      Activities for Children
  • Paragliding
  • Height restriction
  • Cycling
  • Older children: Very strenuous in parts
  • Walking
  • Yes
  • Donkey trekking
  • Yes � can do trekking for a couple of days at a time, staying in gites etc�
  • Quad biking
  • Yes � mini quads every day. Can ride larger ones on the back of adults
  • Avanture � tree walks
  • Yes over 1.10m for the child version over 1.35 for the adult version
  • Horse riding
  • Yes, limited in the very young
  • Rock climbing
  • Yes � height restrictions
  • Swimming
  • Yes


The Tour De France came through the village on the 19th July this year but this may change in subsequent years. There are also other cycle races in the region. The village provides for mountain biking with several rental places. There are a number of routes to follow.


There are endless walking opportunities. The tourist office has a list of guided walks which are a couple of hours in length to overnight stays.

The Col de la Croix de Fer is a good starting point for walks to the Trois Lacs and the Etendard Glacier (fishing, picnic sites and stunning viewpoints).

Chairlifts are open Tuesdays and Thursdays but this varies if there are cycle races in the area. You can get to the top for 5 Euros each. The walk to the glacier from there is probably a couple of hours. Well worth it.
For those with children, we managed to get to the top and down with a 4 and 7 year old in 3 hours without any whinging! In fact with all the alpine flowers, grasshoppers and marmottes they wanted to go again.
Take plenty of water and food as there is nothing but nature at the top. Make sure someone knows where you are going and what time you are likely to be back.

Walking with the Mountain Donkeys (Anes de Montagne) from St Jean D�Arves.

Alps Donkey Walks Alps Donkey Walks Alps Donkey Walks

In the tourist office we found a 2 week programme of activities which changes after the 2 weeks. There are half day and whole day excursions and you have to provide your own food and drink unless otherwise stated.
Children ride the donkeys whilst the adults walk alongside. It is a good adventure for both adults and children and the walk provides breathtaking views. A great way to spend the afternoon. The afternoon walk was not particularly strenuous as there are many stops on the way.
If you are the more adventurous type then you can take a round trip to the glacier with the donkeys which takes several days and takes in the local traditions, alpine fauna and flora. You stay in mountain refuges and gites.
You can book a place for any of the activities at the photo shop next to the apartment block but have to drive to the village of St Jean D�Arves (5 minutes) from where most of the walks start. It is easy to find � just follow the Anes de Montagne signs.


Paragliding Paragliding

Telephone 06 80 15 86 47
If this takes your fancy you can view the villages of the Les Sybelles from the sky. You do need to book in advance.

Quad Biking

Mini Quad Biking Mini Quad Biking Mini Quad Biking

Telephone 06 87 08 30 87
Driving licence is essential.
Situated just outside of St Sorlin, walking distance of the apartment.
You can take Quad bikes out for different periods of time the shortest being 1.2 hours. A day long ride includes a picnic en route.
We took the 1.2 hour ride with our 2 children aged 7 and 4. The 4 year old was technically too young but the leader was happy to take her if she rode on the front of his bike. Do not bank on this as being the norm as we were the only ones in the group. Children this young will only be allowed on the bike with you, if you have experience of quads.
The first 15 minutes is around the village and forest getting use to the bikes before hitting the pistes. You go up to the black winter pistes, which offer great views and rides.
We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience, particularly the youngest member! Worth a go for anyone. If you are thinking of longer than 1.2 hours we would recommend gloves as the hands stiffen up a little.
Each night between 5-7pm there is a mini quad course in the middle of the village for the children to try out. 10 minutes, 10 Euros.

Arvanture � Tree walks, aerial runways

Adventure Adventure Adventure

Situated just outside of St Sorlin, about a mile of the apartment.
Children must be 1.10m � 1.40m to go on the childrens section. For the longer course everyone must be over 1.4m and under 10�s accompanied by a parent. You can�t be scared of heights!
As adults we did not try this out as we had to keep an eye on the children. You get a brief instruction to the course and then you can use the course for 2 hours. It involves wire walking between trees, over streams and aerial runways.
Very good value for 10 Euros (children).

Rock Climbing

Telephone 06 84 93 77 91
Bureau Des Guides de Montagne has a programme of activities for adults and children. They hold a meeting every Monday night between 6.30 � 7pm for those interested in signing up. Les Neiges Eternelles Residence Le Soleil (walking distance of the apt).

Horse riding

There is a horse riding centre outside of St Sorlin. Lessons can be taken here. We were not overly impressed with this centre especially as the pony Connie was on decided he did not want to leave the vicinity of the Corral. However, the one in Albiez looked to be significantly more up market and well run. We did not look into any pony trekking possibilities although we believe this can be done.



There is an outdoor swimming pool at the Hotel Cordon Bleu, in the village. If they are not busy they will let you use the pool for 5 euros, which includes a drink or ice cream. The pool has recently been upgraded.
For the more adventurous there is a lake at the top of the village and at the top of the col. Life guards are present at the former. Although it can be quite cold it is busy with people of all ages. There is a small play area as well for younger children.
There is an indoor pool down in St Jean Maurianne (30 minutes)


There is a local tennis club in the village. The courts are within walking distance of the apartment. For details check with the tourist office.


There is a village cinema in St Jean D�avres as well as one in Albeiz. Tourist office has a list of films.

Note: All information was correct at the time of going to print. Activities and programmes may change from year to year.